New Year news roundup

At the end of ’08 we heard what Frances Humphries had “been up to since Abingdon – well, more walking than running. I think I already mentioned that I had completed the Black Brook Challenge event up in Yorkshire in October.

This was followed by the Steppingly Step – 26 miles cross-country which completed in 6hrs 51mins. (9.11.08)

My first attempt at a running event was the Hadleigh 10 on the 23.11.08, but only managed about a mile before suffering a black-out and severe nasuea – since I try not to involve myslef with the Medical Profession I have no idea what caused this but was most unwell for a few weeks. Better now tho!

On the 30.11.08 I took part in, enjoyed and completed the Gatliff Marathon – 50k cross-country walk, plus a few loops – OK so I misread the route description a couple of times, it adds to the fun.  

That of course, was followed by the Bedford Half, which I approached with caution, as I was not quite sure of my fitness or health, had a good run tho and was relieved to think I was back on track. Sorry to have missed Laurence, but feel sure he would have been well ahead of me.

Final one for the year – today I went up the M25 and completed the annual Stanstead Stagger (25 miles cross-country), it was a glorious day and the route description behaved itself quite well. Got round in 6hrs 5mins. Jacket potatoes and tea at the end  –  wonderful.”

Makes the rest of us all feel very lazy!

Poor Dave Arnold … “Broke nose and cheek in cycling accident on last day of holiday…hours before take off!!!  so am not sure how that’ll effect running.If I can run I will run SEAA but should def be ok for Parliament Hill. Have to have a meet up after that one!  I’m actually hoping to be able to run Stubbington 10k this Sunday if I can, though I’m afraid training has taken such a blow that the hoped for 6 min/miles(in my mind after Victory 5) will be out of the question.”

Get well soon Dave – if it is any comfort, it was after she got tangled up with a cyclist and dislocated her jaw that Paula Radcliffe set her last marathon WR, so we hope the same Lady Luck smiles on you!

Lastly, Peter S has not let the arctic temps put him off….”In sub-zero temperatures and after cycling the eight miles or so from Bedford to Shuttleworth College I ran the 4-lap (approx 12K) course in 57.42, finishing overall 80 / 101 (31/36 in Bucks champs and 10/13 V40-49). Fortunately we had the facilities of the college to defrost after the run. I lot of runners only wore a vest whereas I was covered from head to tail, a balaclava would have been better for me at least.”