more hills than you would believe possible

We hear from Frances Humphries who’s been making the most of the departure of winter….
23rd May saw us taking part in the Great Bentley 10-miler, finished in a time of 1.35
then on the 30th May I walked the 25 mile North Essex Circular in 6hrs and 8mins
the 20th of June brought with it participation in a little ditty called Midsummer Madness in Wellingborough – we took 1hr 25mins to complete 10k and then gave up (Don’t go there!)
It was a lovely 2k off-road course, running around a series of Cycle-Tracks with more hills than you would believe possible, if you ever try it make sure you have been training the right muscles! As usual we had a laugh and a good time. One of the best things that come with age and experience is that you learn not to take these things too seriously – we are hoping to go back next year and have another go at it. 
On Thursday we are going off to walk the Cumbria Way DON’T TELL ANNA, but we are going to take FIVE DAYS to walk 72.5 miles, Talk about WHIMPS!
Much Love to all our Runners out There
[Anna! Don’t read the bit above! – Ed]