Mitso Completes 1000 miles in Greece in 35 days

Ed: Another extraordinary achievement by a vegan. There are probably still some people around who would like to think that vegans could not run a marathon. Helen Easton reports on Mitso’ achievement on the Facebook VR group.

Last week Vegan Runner, Mitso Kehayioglou, finished running 1000 miles in 35 days. He ran the E4 mountain path, with his friend Loukas, down the entire length of Greece- including Crete. They ran this formidable path in order to raise money for Alkioni – a Greek wildlife hospital and The Black Fish- a new direct action and conservation group for marine wildlife. Mitso and Loukas ran in temperatures of 40 degrees, negotiated the highest mountain in Greece- Mt Olympus, whats more Mitso was bitten by a snake and in the final week he contracted a violent sick bug and spent several hours on a drip in hospital, only two days later he ran three marathons on three consecutive days! Money is still being raised in recognition of their outstanding feat of human endurance. You can donate directly on-line via The Black Fish , or for more information please email me: Thankyou.