Milton Keynes Marathon, 29 April

Milton Keynes Marathon, 29 April

Brief reports from our three brave runners: Shelley Van Der Berg,John Bennett and Nik Windle follow the photos:
Nik in front of the MK Dons football stadium before the start.

Shelley looking comfortable following her  Sussex Marathon  time of 4:03 on 1 April.
Nik endured a difficult period between 15 & 20 miles.

John in the yellow & white vest ran his third marathon in consecutive weeks.

Shelley inside the stadium and approaching the finish line.

Nik moves the goalposts on his way to the finish.

Does Nik look like he has just finished a marathon?

Nik entering the Caldecotte Lake area with just over 5 miles completed.

Shelley passing Wavendon Gate at 10 miles, begins working her way through the field.

The runners had to deal with many obstacles not least completing the distance. There were water hazards all round the course with runners soon becoming saturated with the constant rain and at times heavy plus the windy conditions especially in exposed places like the lakes. It was no surprise that runners ran rather more than the marathon distance to avoid the water hazards, etc. For a local media report, visit Milton Keynes Citizen .


Shelley Van Der Berg  3:49:23, 782nd, PB
John Bennett  3:58:39,  876th
Nik Windle  4:28:27,  1784th

Unfortunately Erik Seibold and Duncan McNeil did not make it on the day.

Shelley van der Berg – Thank you so much for dedication and commitment, especially keeping in mind the dramatic weather.  I had to stay very focused but was sure I saw / heard you on the run – really appreciated!  I met Nik on the start line, I asked if he’d seen you and if I should attempt to get back to say hi.  He suggested that given the mania around that area and the weather conditions that you may not be easy to find.  I didn’t want to miss the start gun, so stayed put.

It wasn’t the most pleasant run I’ve ever done but I am very pleased with a PB.  If you can use the photographs for the club, please do, I certainly feel proud that you (Peter) stuck around throughout (wow!).  I didn’t have a bag and did leave almost straight away, as my boyfriend met me at the top of the ramp and drove me home to the much welcome warm.

John BennettThank you for being there to support us on the course of the MK marathon. The weather was terrible. I completed it in just under 4 hours.At the end I could not stop shaking, I was that cold. The course was also rather longer than it should be, over by between
0.3-0.5 mile. I’m now off running for a few weeks.
Nik Windle That was a bit ‘orrible. Even wetter than last time I went to Milton Keynes and really windy with it. 2 hour first half followed by a 2 hour 30 min ‘death march’ second half. Thanks for supporting Peter and nice to meet Shelley at the start.