Milton Keynes Half Marathon – 8/3/09

Only a few miles away makes it a cheap event and traveling easy despite the short cycle ride. It was expected to be a wind affected run but for the short ride to the Open University it was behind. At least 2000 were anticipated, probably more given that the Reading half did not clash this year. Traveling from my direction and especially in Milton Keynes there will be the cycle/pedestrian access routes. When I arrived around the back or in fact past the finish there were very few in sight. Headed straight for the sports pavilion, used for the summer 10K but for this event it is about the further point away on the campus from the meet-up point.

Walking around the perimeter road, suddenly the car parks and mass of runners appeared. Arriving at the Berrill Building it was very crowded and a slow process getting upstairs to left luggage area and getting out just as problematic with long queues for the toilets with only 15 minutes to go. Luckily I had used the almost deserted sports pavilion. Lining up at the main entrance, I was soon joined by Andy Jordan of the VC&AC. In a good position it did not take long to cross the start which was not preceded by any sort of announcement or gunshot.

The large 1-2 miles loop around to the other side of the university where I entered was not affected by the wind from where we soon picked up the summer 10K to Willen Lake. It was only when we reached the northern end (mile 5) and turned south that the wind became apparent, first a crosswind then a headwind. It was more behind us again as we ran towards the M1 junction 14 but turning south again we were mostly into the wind until mile 11. As you would expect it was a struggle into the wind and I was thinking at that time in terms of 1.40 but from mile 11 I picked up the pace and like last year ran faster from mile 12 helped by a downhill stretch and I guess a tailwind as we approach the university. Entering the perimeter road we only had 100 metres or so to go and could see that I had a chance of breaking 1.38 on gun time but just failed by 2 seconds.