Meon Valley Plod

The results from the Meon Valley Plod have already been added to the results spreadsheet (see link in previous post). Now the exhausted runners have started to recover enough to begin to speak about their ordeal:
Sid says:

It was all i could do to concentrate my sight on downhill sections to avoid turning an ankle. Was doing my best to pose for camera (speed up) but seem to have got caught walking a few times. The pics are all over the place …
(here at Ian Burnett photography – Ed)
Not bothering to look at results, i even had everyone walking faster than me going up Butser hill. Knew there were going to be a couple of hills but was not expecting so much difficult terrain on other sections, continually making forward motion so strength sapping. Could have done with a big bag of vegan jelly babies at feed stations, the 2 i ate went down well but definately need more. Hopefully next Vegan meet up down this way will be more successful in terms of results.
and Peter adds:
I must enter the Meon Valley Plod again if only to see what I can achieve with off-road shoes. Taking the hills easy and the mud cautiously probably left me with energy to spare at the end. Despite the mud, the shoes were soon cleaned up and looking none the worse and there was not much mud on the tights. I shall have to make amends next time and pray for a Parliament Hill-like mudbath….Must bring a cap next time in case of blinding sun. (sic: Ed)
Dave Arnold 3:21:58 129
Peter Simpson 3:40:32 194
Sidney Delara 4:09:28 270
Sharon Davidson 4:38:50 322
Check out the photos, if only to realise how those times are worth their weight in muddy hills!