Marston Forest 5K, 19 June

We hear from Peter Simpson, who has been running fast but is not sure why he does it to himself!

This was my first 5K race for maybe 3 years due to the fact that it is not my favoured distance. Running at a faster pace to maintain overall position that I achieve at longer distances, leads to adverse effects such as sore throat due to the heavy breathing. Coming five days after a half marathon, my calves were also complaining but at least they were not injured.


The event was held in the grounds of the Marston Vale Community Forest which has an attractive Visitors Centre and even a railway station which I decided to use but could have cycled the 12 miles or so. The event was limited to 400 due to the narrow path around the course but luckily we started on the main drive where it was wider for 100s of metres. I started off fairly fast on the flat course so as not to get boxed in later although I found myself being overtaken by a significant number in the first kilometer. Settling down I began to claw back some places but it was only at the finish that I felt the effects of the effort with the customary sore throat.


My chip time was 20.25, position 82 / 379.

mmmm chips … Ed