Marlow, Dunstable & the Beast of Bryn

Celine Wilcock has been celebrating Spring with a couple of 10ks:

‘In the last 2 weeks I’ve treated myself to a couple of 10K events – the Dunstable Downs trail race which was a challenging and hilly off-roader around 6.5 miles (fab event) and today the Marlow 10k which was largely off-road with moderate undulation. No PBs to report so I am officially sulking but for those who are interested in the stats I posted 53:21 today and 9th in my AG. Don’t ask about Dunstable, I’ll do it again next year and post that time :)’

Celine Wilcock 2014

Celine doesn’t look like she’s sulking!

Meanwhile Liz Lockwood battled with the Bwystfil y Bryn despite not feeling too good:

‘Beast of Bryn trail run today. I was meant to do the 15 mile route but swapped to the 6.8 miler because I am not feeling too good today. I almost didn’t go at all. Mega steep route. They are correct when they call it extremely challenging! I walked a lot of it so my time was around 1:31:?? on the clock. I saw someone ahead of me in a VR top but didn’t see them again unfortunately! I hope everyone is having a good weekend.’

From the results it seems the Vegan Runner up ahead was Michael Oakley finishing in 1:10:46