Maria continues the tapering!

Ed: Maria runs a popular Marlow 5 miler

I confess I was only doing this because I recently tidied up my race medals and realised I had none for 5 miles, but what a lovely race this is.

I started dead at the back and warmed up with the first km at 6:15, then tried to drop into marathon pace and gradually overhaul a few people. It’s a big race – over a thousand runners – and there was a lot of dodging round people to be done, but that was fine as I was just treating it as a training run.

Marlow is very pretty (and rich!) and the course is not entirely flat but there are no hills as such. The mile markers seemed to come very quickly and soon I found myself putting on a modest turn of speed to finish in 42:55. The finishing stretch is downhill 🙂 which helps!

The swag, as ever with a Handy Cross Runners race (generous sponsors?) was excellent – medal (what I came for!), tech tshirt, apple, orange, bottle of water, mars bar (which I rehomed of course), muesli bar (again rehomed, honey, tschk), seedy sprinkly stuff which I’ve had before and is nice, a flavoured sachet of Spatone and some electrolyte gubbins.

I came 675th out of, er, dunno…

Will be marshalling at next week’s Abingdon Parkrun by the way.
Ttfn Maria