Manchester Marathon

Big well done to members who ran the Greater Manchester Marathon last weekend!

Phil Davies

‘It was great, perfect weather and brilliant support all the way round. I took 4:16:55, new PB by 8 mins . But mostly just pleased I enjoyed it all cos my first marathon was horrible. Will probably do another now! Well not now obviously – later!’

‘Have only just noticed there’s an Oatly Chocolate drink in the goody bag – yummy! Along with a bag of mango chunks that makes goody bag 50% vegan – that’s pretty good.’

Maria Pali

‘Marathon PB hat trick today at Greater Manchester. 3.36 according to my watch. Never believed I could ‘run’ before but I do now. I’m elated. Boyfriend paced a friend for a sub 3. Everyone happy today’

  • Caz Lyall-Ford  3:19:21  1355th 86/2303 female 10th FV45
  • Neil Cant  3:27:30  1901st
  • Maria Pali  3:36:36  2444th  254th female 17th FV50
  • Gary Andrews  3:59:35  4390th
  • Phil Davies  4:16:56  5405th

7849 total finishers

(Gary deserves a special prize for precision timing 😉  )