Longer Distance Training Sessions?

“There’s talk about Regent’s Park training sessions and all that but I was wondering if there were any runners interested in long distance training sessions? Once in a month or something like that. I have 3 locations in mind: Epping forest, Ruislip forest and Watlington Hill or any Chiltern Hill locations. That’s all close to the M25 north. If there were more people interested from the South we could set up runs in the South it can all be discussed but first I’d like to know if there is any interest at all. By long distance I mean 15-30k slow and easy run.” Rafal

VRUK member Rafal Tkaczyk is considering arranging some distance trail training sessions, there has already been some interest expressed in our facebook group. If you are interested let us know via the contact form and we will pass your message on to Rafal.