London Vegan Runners Promotion at Xmas Without Cruelty

Dave Arnold our London Contact Writes:

This is a new email address that can be used for encouraging new people to contact us. It can be used on posters, leaflets, business cards etc rather than having to plaster anyone’s personal email address all over the town! For all other communication between us we can carry on as now.

So this leads me on to suggest ….. request….. whatever! If anyone is able to draft out and print some promotional leaflets or posters for Sunday’s Xmas Without Cruelty show then that would be great. I’ll do some if I can though printing facilities are nil at the moment. The posters don’t have to be fantastic, just convey the basic message that there are a number of Vegan Runners in London who meet-up, train and socialise together. Feel free to use this new email to invite responses and you can put yours on too if you wish. Maybe even use a photo or too to show people that we really do exist!

Vegan Runners don’t have a stall on Sunday although I think a lot of us will be there so don’t be affraid to have your vest or T-shirt on display! Perhaps we can arrange to have a ‘mini-meet-up’ at one of the Cafes / refreshment stalls and have a pre-xmas drink?

Hope you’re all well.


ps Just for the record we did have our first training session last night (Wed 26th)((and food after!!)) and look set to have another next Wed too. Get in touch if you’re interested.