London Marathon – 24th April

London Marathon was another good day for the club, here is the latest updates on everyones finishing times:

Mike Tomkins FINISHED in 2:54

Jenny McNamara FINISHED in 3:09

Caz Lyall-Ford FINISHED in 3:24

Paula Blackledge FINISHED in 3:29

John Marchant FINISHED in 4:04

Elizabeth Fonseca FINISHED in 4:04

Daniel Kirby FINISHED in 4:08

Alex De Gaye FINISHED in 3:43

Harriet Angell FINISHED 5:08

Kim BridgeWright FINISHED 7:19

Well done to all of you….absolutely amazing! I’ve also heard there has been a surge in people enquiring about joining after this.

London marathon

If anyone has any more photos or times please let me know and I’ll update this post, thanks 🙂