Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Marathon

Well done Vegan Runners completing the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon and Half last weekend, Barry Wheller reports:

‘Me and my Vegan vest completed the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon yesterday, and even got a mention as I crossed the line. It went something like this “Congratulations to everyone completing the first Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon, so many people running, you should all be proud, even Vegans are doing it!” Made my day!

4 hours 38 minutes 57 seconds, which is a PB, first marathon and will remain a PB, never doing another! Had a few shouts, but in a world of my own from 15 miles so the whole of Vegan Runners could have been there I wouldn’t have noticed! Weather looked great, overcast and cool, but I managed to get sun burnt so add that to my long list of other pains. That reads like I didn’t enjoy it, I absolutely loved it and it showed Liverpool off at its best, both the course designed to take you round the best bits if the city and some great views and the supporters were fantastic. Recommended for next year if anyone is after a long weekend in Liverpool?’

  • Duncan McNeill 3:28
  • Barry Orr 3:58
  • Barry Wheller 4:38

Congratulations to Diana McNeill completing the Half, her first I believe.