Light Up the City – Canterbury – 26 Oct 2013 – Keith Gilbert.

Yesterday I did Light Up the City, this is a 5K evening fun run organized by The East Kent Pilgrims Hospices. It’s an after dark run, so everyone is encouraged to bring their own lighting.

I have been having trouble with my knees, and have not been getting much training in lately, so this event was something of a test for me.

It had a very good turn out, and proved to be a good stomp around the city of Canterbury; high up on the city walls, through the shopping mall, as well as the older rather dark backstreets. A bit hazardous in parts, but well marshalled, as was necessary, due to the rather convoluted nature of the course. The independent Running Outlet shop, provided a drinks station along the way.

It was a self timed event, and my Garmin read 28:05 min and 5.1 km. Certainly my worst 5K time ever, but not a straightforward event.