Light Up the City 5km

Kent Vegan Festival / Light Up the City 5k Run

On Saturday morning I went along to the first Kent Vegan Festival in Canterbury. This was a huge success, with the organisers claiming around 1,500 attending during the day.

A good number of stalls were present, representing the Dr Hadwen Trust, Animal Aid, Viva and Vegan Personal Fitness Training. In a separate room, talks were given on a number of topics, including Friendly Activism, the history of Plamil [one of the first vegan companies] and a showing of the film Cowspiracy. Also there were activities for children, a vegan café and live music.

In the evening, also in Canterbury, I ran Light Up the City, a 5K fun run organized by The East Kent Pilgrims Hospices. Starting in the dark at 7:45,everybody was encouraged to wear lights and illuminations of any kind. I set off with my running headlight, flashing LED cycle light in hand and high viz T shirt.

The course a rather convoluted one, went along the city wall,taking in the cathedral,castle and cobbled back streets along the way. The first kilometre was slow, owing to the congestion of runners in the dark, more like a procession than a run. But it eventually opened up and I could run at my normal pace, looking out for bollards, park benches, water fountains and the hazards of cobbled streets in the dark.

I finished in 29:05 [self timed], a medal and bottle of water for all finishers.

Keith Gilbert