Late June/Early July Roundup

Late June/Early July Roundup
Katie Timmins took part in the Staveley Stampede today and came 49th out of 138, 10th in the ladies. Her time was 48 mins and 29 seconds. She says,
“Loved it when a guy I overtook said ‘wow you must be very healthy to be a vegan runner, you’re a great advert for veganism’!”
Music to the ears, Katie!
Alexandra Portwine Ran the Bracknell Forest Five on 19th June…”supposed to be a 5 mile trail run but due to an incorrectly positioned marshal it was apparently up to half a mile short…. VERY humid and sticky, with no water on the course.. about 35 minutes” – at least it was good practice for today’s weather!
Rafal Tcaczyk “I was 69/381 in half marathon Wales in 2.01.08” (on 23rd June). “I’m happy with that as i thought I’d finish in about 2.15-2.30. It was tough going up the hills plus some technical single tracks were also very demanding. Great race and beautiful scenery. Will do again” – good stuff in tough times RT
Jenny McNamara: “I came 3rd (female overall) in the Cheddar 10K today. It was a slightly longer course than last time (about 6.6 miles) and I did it in 55.45. That time sounds rubbish but the hills were huge and it has been very wet here making the mud and rocks very slippery!” – again on June 23rd – happy days there Jenny!
Mike Tomkins at the end of June: “Finished 9th (i think) in one of the Leicester 5km summer series runs at Victoria Park in a time of 18min 23sec, a pb by 30seconds, was relatively flat course but wind and rain didn’t help” – good work in the wind, Mike
Heather Brunskell-Evans , one of our FV60 runners, visited Norway for the Midnight Sun Marathon from Tromso and finished in 5 hrs 10 mins – hard work rewarded there!
Ian Fiddes, at the end of June: “Midnight Mountain Marathon completed over several peaks in the Brecon Beacons last night. Much harder than a road marathon. Terrain was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Last 8 miles were particularly hard with an injured iliotibial band. Just managed to scrape in at 10 minutes before the midnight cut off time to claim my medal. What an experience. Really glad I did but also really glad it’s over!”
Noel Grimley, 30th June: “Did the Lordshill 10k this morning in scorching heat. Came in at 41:44 and placed 58/460, new PB and knocked over a minute off my time. Literally gave it everything I had. Went through 5k in 20:08 and fastest mile was 6:17.” – Kitchen-sink-tastic Noel!
Phillippa Bennett did the Desborough Half in 2:07 at the end of June despite some pre-race issues.
Gary Andrews (also 30 June) Finished the Humber Bridge half marathon in 1.56 or so (timing chip fun!)
Yasmin Inglis (July 7th) finished the MK Half in 2:16 – well baked we imagine! Toughing it out…
Well done everyone, keep it up!