Lapping it up

Anna has been resting after the Lakeland 100…. no, only kidding! she did the Faversham marathon yesterday….

The Faversham marathon yesterday was surprisingly enjoyable (it involved 40 laps around a park, so not the most exciting of courses). There were loads of 100 marathon club folk in attendance so it was extremely sociable, both before, during (as we all lapped each other many times) and after. They have a policy of “everyone’s a winner” so we all got a ridiculously big trophy [good grief! – Ed] at the finish (my actual position was 5th lady I think). The goody bag also contained a lotto ticket, beer and an energy drink.After Lakeland last week, then donating blood on Thursday (I think they say no strenuous exercise for 24 hours, so a marathon a day and a half later is fine, no?) I wasn’t sure if I’d have any energy at all. So a sedate trot round in 4:16:49 was more than acceptable.

This morning’s 10 miler was hard though – I really felt like I was running on empty. I had to have two breakfasts to feel right again.