Kent Roadrunner Marathon

Kent Roadrunner Marathon

Well done vegans completing the Kent Roadrunner Marathon last weekend – it is a multi-lap marathon with a bit of a hill that must get tiring by the 10th visit šŸ˜‰

VRUK runners were:

  • Jonathan ErringtonĀ  3:36:41Ā  66/387 overall
  • Nina NickersonĀ  3:43:38Ā  84th 9/132 female
  • Emine Ismail De SanchezĀ  4:48:47Ā  279th
  • Gary BramptonĀ  5:22:17Ā  348th

Nina reports:

‘They need a mirror before race photo’s I think to check how crazed and knackered you look! First marathon, I could bore you all with the details, its meant quite a bit to me..wanted to get sub 3:45 got 3:43:45 so I should be happy- yay good for age for London! Feel I’ve let the vegans down a bit and should have done better. I walked ”the hill” a few times as honestly that little incline got bigger towards the end. I really enjoyed the first half, it felt so easy- for some reason I thought I would be immune to hitting the wall. I wasn’t, in the end I didn’t care how I done I just wanted to finish the damn thing. Where were you Jonathan Ryan? There were a group cheering me past the start line, I didn’t know if they were VR’s-thanks for the support if it was!’

Nina Nickerson Kent Roadrunners Marathon

Well done Nina – GFA time for your first marathon can’t be bad!

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