Just a perfect day

We hear from Frances who has finally managed to do some staggering

Walked the re-scheduled Stansted Stagger on 03.01.10 – and completed the course in a time of 6.04 and it was quite, quite perfect.
The weather was beautiful, lovely sunshine reflecting off the snow and bright blue skies – much crunching over the hard crispy ground – as usual on this walk the route description was spot on and the marshalls kind and cheering. There were even some suitable for vegans ‘apple’ pies at the checkpoint (one of the oddest kitchens/halls we have been in so far), along with piping hot mugs of tea. Had the usual problem getting him who must be obeyed to leave the check-point (he does like a cuppa!).
Bad news is this weekends Winter Tanners has now been re-scheduled too (I think everybody has gone PC crazy) – keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will not cause the cancellation of the Dartford 10 next weekend.