John Bateson unexpectedly ‘winning’ – 5k Sunday, 6th February 2010.

Seems that Vegan Runners on a roll again. Recently Neil Ford has won a tough-sounding Scottish cross, Anna Finn romped home in a very long run spread over two days. More unbelievably still, I managed to finish something first…
Not in the same league, mine wasn’t even a real event, but rather the local 5k time trial with forty-odd others. I’ve been threatening to do this since fellow member Sid de Lara pointed the regular free trials out to me, but it’s taken half a year to get round to it.
So, it was small, and it wasn’t really a race, but still, I got the unknown sensation of being at the head of the pack, making my move, pulling away and crossing the line first. Very enjoyable it was too. My time wasn’t so great, in the order of 18.40 (for some reason I’d been expecting to go under 18m) – looking back at the records, this seems to be the slowest winning time in the history of the time trial.
The time trial is run by Guildford and Godalming Athletics Club on the first Sunday of each month, and the organizers were great. The times went up only a couple of hours afterwards. I’ll be back.