John Bateson + South Downs Way 50 + WEATHER

John Bateson did the South Downs Way 50… over a week ago… that is, when the weather still blew chunks…

Completed the South Downs way 50 on Saturday in pretty unpleasant conditions (rain, v.poor visibility and high winds). Overall pretty pleased with the consistency of my run, keeping around position 8 throughout. Sadly, in what’s becoming a bad habit (did the same at last year’s NDW100), I got lost with a couple of miles to go. Lost many places by doing an extra 5km around Eastbourne golf course (I had company in my misery, at least). On the plus side, lots of lovely people (runners and everyone at the aid stations), vegan jelly sweets and vegan sausages at the end. Also en-route conversations about dietary choices – plenty of people seem to have read and been influenced by Jurek’s Eat and Run. No longer do I seem to get “you’re doing well…for a vegan!”