Ian Hodge- Race report: Peatlands way

50 miles
Start/finish Thorne (Doncaster)
Time 8:55 (I think)

Due to a bit of fixture pile-up this was the only 50 miler I could fit in before the end of May. I’d been warned that organisation was not the event’s strong point, which was true as as of a quarter past 7 there was nobody about (start, 8 am).

The final route choice was made just before the event, so the description wasn’t available until the day. So it was out with the markers for quick markup.

At the off I somehow managed to find myself at the front, and alone. A novel, and worrying experience, but one I had to get used to. Non of the normal crowd of runners had made it and there seemed to be no appetite for anyone to keep me company. Fortunately navigation was remarkably easy and I soon found myself at the second checkpoint. However this is where
things began to go wrong, they were just about ready for me, just. So I filled my bottle and grabbed some biscuits and made my exit. From then on I either didn’t find the checkpoints (possible) or they just weren’t open in time (probably). So, from mile 10ish to 40ish I was water and food-less. This had the obvious effect, so a quick dive into my bum bag found my emergency £20, and a quick trip to a very convenient convenience store was made. Stocked with bananas, water and an apple I struggled on to the finish.

First home, never had that one before, at least no without taking the short option. I reported in, explained the lack of clips, grabbed a cup of copy and made my exit, I had a train to catch.

Not much mention of the route? Not much to say, except flat, very flat.
Mainly on tracks, some road, but rather dull. Do it again, very unlikely. But at least I’ve got the miles in my legs.
We applaud your fortitude in the face of all this Ian – many of us would have used the £20 to get a taxi! Well done!