Hobbles & Hills

We hear from Anna Finn…

… about the Ridgeway. Er, I think challenges make us stronger? Or something like that anyway… [referring to my wimpish report of the Relay last month – Ed] Actually I ordered my map for the route today so looking forward to seeing on paper what it’s like. But paper is always very flat of course. How it lies!
I realised I forgot to email you last week, so I have two runs to mention, both of which were hot and hilly and involved a fair amount of walking, in addition to being slowed a little by having to follow route descriptions.
Sunday 28th June was the Hertfordshire Hobble (Marathon) and 5th July was the Tanners Hatch Marathon, which is technically an ultra at 30 miles. Tanners involved several hills in Surrey, including Box Hill, which anyone who knows it [or has heard of it- Ed – urk! I think is the word] will understand when I say that my legs are still quite achy. There were steps and everything! (And lots of styles as usual with these events too.) The extremely steep downhills were the worst, but both runs made for very enjoyable days out in the countryside sunshine. Times were a moseyish 5:20 and 6:07 respectively.
I haven’t got any photos, so you’ll have to trust me when I say that I’m even more freckly and the white stripe from under my iPod armband is becoming increasingly contrasted with the rest of my skin. I’m appreciating the coolness that the thunderstorm has brought with it today…