Hilly 10K in Northants

Moulton 10K, Northampton, 25/8/13

Report and Photos by Peter Simpson
Supported our runners here in 2012 but this year my ride to the venue from the rail station was on a fold-up bike due to the replacement coach. Bruce Lovell was suffering a significant tear to a calf prior to the race otherwise recently not far off his best. The Northants county champs were being held here again and Bruce is a vital member of his local team, here to defend their title, Bruce was not prepared to see it slip. Bruce finished 5th / 260 in 36.09, a member of his winning race team and in the county champs, Bruce said he ‘fluked the senior men’s gold and was a member of his winning team. Contact, Tim Williams was running his 3rd event, easily the toughest but ran well to finish in 50.38 (157th) and will soon be wearing a VRs vest. Yasmin has nearly all of the VR kit and starting from the back finished in 54.36 (35th F).
Bruce Lovell number 248

Bruce after wetting his feet in the ford at 7.2K

Tim keeps his shoes dry at ford
Yasmin gives a squeal in the ford
Yasmin enters the college with approx 400 metres to go