Hello and goodbye

A quick word from “your editor” to all you lovely VRUK people out there. 

Early in 2008 (it seems so long ago now!) I started as the Runners’ Secretary (Newsletter & Results). 

For almost 3 years I’ve had the pleasure of being the first to get your accounts of derring-do, your triumphs, your disasters, your photos of yourselves hurtling downhill or battling against headwinds, tales of dodgy knees and being foiled by craftily speedy agegroup competitors, pictures of trophies and teams and results from track races, triathlons and multi-day multi-sport ultra races. Some of you I’ve met in real life – a very few I’ve actually seen with all your clothes on! Some I’ve corresponded with regularly but as yet remain pen-friends.

It has been a joy and I cannot say how great it’s been to do this. 
Soon (for some value of “soon” :D) I’ll be bringing out my last newsletter. My job has become more demanding (I recently had the joy of spending the heaviest week of marathon training in Seattle – running with jetlag is an unpleasant experience: the day may be bright and sunny but all you want to do is curl up on the tarmac and sleep, posing a terrible hazard to the cyclists and rollerbladers as they whizz along!) and (inspired by so many of you) I am training more seriously, in the hope of qualifying for Boston 2012 (note: those who know what AG I will be newly qualified for that year may also suspect that the BQ time is more generous than the London GFA time, and their suspicions will be correct…ahem). In addition to that, the growing and ever-active membership of VRUK have been sending in ever more race reports and results !!

So, although I shall miss it very much, I won’t be standing for reelection as Runners’ Secretary this year. I would rather stand back while I still can (just about: the keen eyed will have spotted the odd backlog build up now and again!) keep the results and reports flowing, so that it can be handed over in a nice tidy fashion to the next lucky person to do it. I don’t know who that might be – but I envy them. It’s not actually a hard job by the way – honest! 😀

All the best – and HAPPY RUNNING! – Maria (aka “Ed”).