Hatfield House 10k

We hear from Frances H, who is pondering whether ignorance is bliss…
I would like to be able to tell you the results for my effort at the above mentioned race, but have been unable to find the results posted anywhere. Maybe it is better not to know?
I can however say that this was a really charming little run in the park if anybody is interested in it for next year – a small crowd of runners gathered at the start were regailed with live Jazz? band, the marshalls were encouraging, kind and helpful.  – there was a very serious looking medical vehicle on standby in case of injuries (bit worrying), and fortunately not needed on this occasion!
We trundled off below what is generally known as a rather lowering sky, just enough cloud and general dampness to ensure I kept my jacket on – needless to say it soon cleared up and said jacket was rather unceremoniously stuffed away somewhere about my person – does this extra weight count as a handicap?
Anyway, the course although described as undulating and off-road was mostly on good tracks and the undulations gentle – very pleasant time was had by all and hope to do this one again some time.
 After finishing and drifting off back to the car for a change of footwear, to eat our banana and have a chat we remembered to look at the time – which was 11.17, so imagine we took about an hour to complete the course. It was all far too relaxed as you can tell, I expect my next little outing at Bungay will be a different story.
Now would that be the full Black Dog or the half, Frances? We’ll know by next month…