Hardmoors 55 – Neil Ford's report

— Neil Ford’s follows on from Charlotte C’s earlier report —

It was certainly a tricky day to run the Hardmoors 55. The drifts were

pretty deep in places and there was a nasty wind. I was just pleased that

I’d trained in those sort of conditions before. The most surprising thing

was that only 16 people dropped out of the race, despite the last runners

having to do up to 6 hours in the dark. I suppose you don’t do that kind of

race in winter conditions unless you’re pretty sure you can keep going. I’ll

write a report for the blog tonight and might get in touch with Charlotte to

compare notes.

In September, I’m planning to do the Hardmoors 60, which is the other half

of the Cleveland Way. Hopefully next year I can put them together to run the

Hardmoors 110 in May.

If I can stay fit, I hope to be more active in racing and with Vegan Runners

in the future. We’re finally moving to the Lake District at the end of May,

so we’ll be back in England too.

— Neil and Caz have been hitting the hills with a vengeance as the

results below show! —

Neil Ford, 1st claim Vegan Runners

Race: Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra

Distance: 38 miles offroad.

Date: 28.10.12

Result: 8th out of 86 finishers. 5th MV40.

Time: 06:29:38

Runner: Neil Ford, 1st claim Vegan Runners

Race: Hardmoors 55, North York Moors.

Distance: 55 miles offroad.

Date: 23.3.13

Result: 20th out of 119 finishers. 6th MV40.

Time: 10:16:13

Runner: Caz Lyall-Ford, 1st claim Vegan Runners

Race: Feel the Burns, Selkirk.

Distance: 21.4 km fell race.

Date: 19.1.13

Result: 77th out of 136 finishers. 3rd F40.

Time: 2:17:37