Gravesmülen not-quite-11k

We hear from SDL who has temporarily forsaken Portsmouth & other southern points for Germany…
On holiday in Germany at the moment, went across old border yesterday to a small town in what was East Germany, called Gravesmülen .The race was a 10.9km multi terrain. Start in town centre on the  cobblestones and out to a lake twice round the lakeside dirt track  and back to town centre. Finishing 8th overall I was suprised to find i was only V50 third, in fact the winner was a vet50 from Leipzig in just under 39 mins and the second placed overall a V50 from Rostock.  My time was 44mins 20secs, so by my reckoning just over 40mins for 10k which i will settle for. 

  Grevesmülen Stadtlauf. Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany. 20 June 2010
 Sidney DeLara.
 Position overall 8th/130 runners
 V50 3rd.
 Time 44mins 20secs.
 Vest Vegan Runners.