Geneva, city of lakes and Large Hadron Colliders

We hear from Fiona Oakes, who is going further afield this year for her spring marathon…

I did intend to run London this year and that is what I have been training for.  Then, totally ‘out of the blue’ I was asked if I was interested in running the Geneva Marathon which is a couple of weeks after.  To be honest, I am a bit ‘over’ London – especially with last year’s experience being so bad – so I have decided to take up the offer of Geneva.  I have friends from my animal rights group VITA who live nearby so I can stay with them and catch up with what is happening there also.  Another swaying factor is that the times and places in Geneva last year were more in my compass of achievability.  That is obviously not to say that 6 African runners won’t turn up on the day and churn out fantastic times but, if I can keep my running to what it has been in the past (and I am certainly training well in that direction) then a good time from me could be a good result for VRUK which is ultimately what I am after achieving – maximum publicity for the Club and for what it stands for.

And given only a few thousand people run it and it’s in Switzerland, it should be a lot more pleasant…. coff coff what bright spark decided to stick the fast women in with a load of hairy blokes peeing on their feet ? coff coff … than London….Ed