FW: Great Horth Run 2010 Success!

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Subject: GNR 2010 Success!


This is Amanda Baker from The Vegan Society. We trust that all
is well with you and yours?

We’ve delighted to report that we’ve won 15 places for the Great
North Run in September 2010!

Thank you very much for your support thusfar – only by knowing
there are so many runners keen to support The Vegan Society were we able
to get to this stage.

As you know, the GNR is taking place on Sunday 19 September in
2010. I know this seems a long time away. However, the next stage
from our perspective is that we have to pay up-front for your places (64
pounds each) by February.

We do not wish to exclude anyone on their ability to pay.
However, if you are able to firmly commit and pay at this stage, it will
ease the strain on our finances.

We will also look at working with confirmed participants, to
support you if you wish to do any fundraising or PR work in the run-up
to the race. We will have a media campaign, and would welcome input,
support and appropriate partners for that.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions at any stage.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Best wishes, and seasons greetings,


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