Vegan Runner becomes first frenchman to run over 500+ marathons !

So whilst some of us enjoy our 5k park runs and others have been known to run a few marathons, well Denys Baudry (a french Vegan Runner) just took that to a whole new level.  Denys recently became the first frenchman ever to have run over 500 marathons, which also makes him the french national champion, with a tally of 530+ marathons completed.

Denys said, “I am obviously quite happy to have reached that landmark, not so much for myself but for the vegan movement. Having been vegan for some 25 years, and 20 years veggie before that, I have been living in the UK since the early 70’s and belong to the Vegan Runners.”   Denys has run a total of 511 marathons (at the moment) plus 21 ultra marathons and with 5 more marathons to run before the end of the year he should finish on grand total of 538!

Where does he get his protein from? 😉


The France national website for marathon runners is and if you click on “les centenaires” you’ll see Denys’ marathon total (which excludes the ultras as they are tracked separately).

From everyone at Vegan Runners, we wish Denys all the best and keep running !