Vegan Runners UK will be cheering on Forest Green Rovers FC

Vegan Runners UK will be cheering on Forest Green Rovers FC’s at the league 2 football match against Mansfield Town on Saturday the 15thDecember.

The club received an invite from the football club to attend the match giving the running club members free entry to the Community stand. The sight of the green and black running vests will be something special and this will be undoubtable a day to remember.

Forest Green Rovers are officially the first football club to adopt the Vegan ethic serving vegan only foods, using ethical companies such as Ecotricity – Britain’s greenest energy company, Grundon, a family owned waste management company and promote animal rights through the use of Sea Shepherds logo on the team’s kit.

Isn’t it just amazing that our running club, the fastest growing running club in the Uk can come together to support such a high level professional team playing a different sport, yet have the same ethics and values as our own… times are truly changing!

And let’s not forget how honoured we are to stand next to the local supporters who without them the football club would be nothing. Let’s help them turn up the volume and make an electrical atmosphere. Bring your noise!

It is without doubt an honour for our running club to be joining the other local supporters for what is going to be an amazing day.

Full details of the day including the pre match park run can be found on our clubs web site or by joining the Facebook group page and why not check out the football clubs ethos by clicking on the links below.

Thank you

Dan Grundy

Press secretary