First Indoor Track Sprint Report, 16/3/11

Ed: David McKenzie is our first competitor to record an Indoor Track result. The venue was in Scotland at Grangemouth but David thought he was too late!

Having never ran the 60m before i decided it would be a good race to gage where I am presently in training. I got to Grangemouth Indoor Stadium after the Kingston Bridge held me back for 45 mins during rush hour, managed to get a quick warm up in time for the race as i thought i was going to be late.
Putting down a time of 8s as my best, i had little idea of what i would run. I watched as groups around my time kept getting called up, after 5 groups went the final group was to go…but my name wasn’t called. I asked the official who informed me i was in a later race at almost 8.30. I asked if i could swap as living in the west coast i wouldn’t get home till very late on.
I ended up running in a group of juniors, which wasn’t ideal. I expected this was a possibility for an Open Graded. I did exactly what i was trying to avoid and slipped out my blocks, so i now had a lot of ground to make up. I won the Heat with a time of 8.46, but i reckon without that slip i would have been under the 8s i was aiming for.
Next race is likely an Open Graded in Saltcoats, not sure whether to run the 100m or 200m or both….there’s also an option for the less run 150m.