Fiona Oakes Wins Stevenage Marathon

Fiona Oakes Wins Stevenage Marathon

Massive congratulations to Fiona Oakes for not only placing 1st lady at today’s Stevenage Marathon but doing so after running a marathon each day for the last week!

Fiona has a lot of mouths to feed at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary – please sponsor her if you can –

Fiona Oakes Stevenage Marathon 2014


Fiona finishes her Asheldham triple 7 quest in style with a WIN at the Stevenage marathon in 3:06.

Hows that for the end of a 183.4 mile week + the animal work?

Please support the Fiona Oakes Foundation – the foundation seeks to promote the cruelty free cause through demonstration in performance sport on a life long vegan diet.

Fiona has 3 Guinness world records for the marathon – please support her’ đŸ™‚