Event Cancellation & VRUK Absenteism

Ed: Drew Rankine has been keen to compete on behalf of VRUK for some time but personal issues had forced him to withdraw. For some months now Drew has been training well and building up to the Edinburgh Marathon in May. He decided to test his fitness and progress by running the Glasgow University 10K on 12 March but Drew was to be disappointed and reports:

Well no banana skins on my side this time, believe it or not, snow in the early morning caused the cancellation of the event because part of the course is over grass (it’s a truly multi-terrain event). I didn’t receive the broadcast e-mail cancelling the event from the organisers at this PC until I’d left home to travel to it.

The event is being re-scheduled for mid-May.

Ed: We also heard from Angela Frost who was entered for the Bath Half Marathon but due to injury was forced to withdraw.