Edinburgh Marathon – John Fulham, 22/5/11

Ed: John met us at the London Marathon 5 weeks ago and now reports on his first event since joining:

A very memorable Edinburgh marathon – ideal running apart from the strong head wind from mile 20 onwards.

Completed in 3 hours 36 mins and 43 seconds. What better way to celebrate my birthday .
Was all fuelled up on Brendan Brazier Vega range now available to buy in Edinburgh.

Ed: Other results found/provided so far:

John Morgan 3:38:32, pos 1823
Cath Elsworth 4:21:09, pos 5547
Michelle Rivett 4:40:51, pos 6948, 1st event
Daniel Kirby 4:44:58, pos 7211
John Fulham 3:36:43, pos 1692
Kevin Jones 3:25:00, pos 951, PB by 21 mins

Numbers completed the marathon 9960.

In the Half Marathon:

Alison Davie 1:44:20, pos 846

Congratulations to everyone especially given the windy conditions.