Edinburgh Marathon – Anna Finn

Anna appears to have survived being cooked alive last weekend…

We had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh. Scotland’s capital is a beautiful city and made for a great trip. I’m not a huge fan of city marathons, preferring the smaller events, but this was a good course out along the Forth: quite scenic in places. It was pretty crowded the whole way but I still went too fast for the first few downhill miles. I felt surprisingly comfortable in the heat to start with (being a ginger I normally suffer when the temperature gets into the twenties), but at about mile 16 I started feeling a bit dodgy, so put some walking breaks in from there on. I finished in 4:23:14 so I guess it wasn’t too bad. The support was great and I got lots of people cheering ‘come on vegan runner’ and the like. Unfortunately I didn’t get an action photo this time, so I’ve just attached a picture of me enjoying the city the day before the marathon.
This is supposed to be the UK’s fastest course, so I guess I’ll enter to go back next year, in the hope of getting my favourite running weather to be able to get a better time…