Draycote Water Marathon photos during race

Took a trip to one of my favoured landmarks, close enough to the main west coast railway to make it possible by bike. Rugby is about 7 miles or so away and there were no buses on this occasion so did not need to resort to the fold-up bike. Given the course was 5 and a bit laps around Draycote Water, I did not need to get there for the start and it was not possible on a Sunday morning. By the time I reached the northern edge, Anna was I presume about 3-4 miles into the event. The leaders had already started their 2nd lap. After catching a first photo of Anna, I leisurely rode around and took further snaps at different location. Overall I estimate that I cycled 35 miles that day. Caught up with Anna at the finish (showing no signs of fatigue) which was only brief given that Anna was also relying on the train and one was due with the aid of a taxi!