Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon, 22nd July 2012

Better late than never…I’ve been distracted by the Olympics!!  Here’s an update on my run at the Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon on 22nd July. 

This is a point-to-point race run mostly along the Thames tow path, starting in Slough this year instead of Windsor to divert away from the Olympic rowing venue, and ending in Marlow.  PBs are pretty much out of the question on this course, as the route includes footbridges, kissing gates, and some narrow sections where passing is very difficult, plus some steep ascents in the first few kms.  (There were no stiles to clamber over though, as I had read somewhere beforehand…and so the race had earned the nickname of “the 13.1 mile hurdles” in our house!)   They helpfully staggered the start in three waves of runners, starting 5 minutes apart, to ease the congestion a bit. The awful heavy rain of the weeks prior to the race had left some sections of the course very muddy, but blistering sunshine came out for us on race day.  Lots of water and bananas at the finish, jolly marshals all the way through the course, and bags of supporters at the finish.  It was a really well organised event.   

Time 01:46:41 (very happy with that!), pos 201/977; gender pos 37/449; category pos 30/312

Alex Portwine