Dog days of August

Well, hasn’t it been quiet? I’ve had a couple of results in from Helen Watkinson & Cedric David, who have torn themselves away from the Cardiff Parkrun to, er, do a 5 miler in Cardiff, and (Helen) a ParkRun in Glasgow!
But it is hot. I was watching my other half toil round Burnham Beeches this weekend (and spotted Colin Braybrook trotting round considerably faster!) and felt so glad that it wasn’t me.
Helsinki was not as hot – though it wasn’t entirely flat either. I’d recommend it for a run-on-holiday outing (particularly for the long-distance fans [looks at Anna] ), as the support was great – particularly the man painted in Finnish colours & wearing a skirt who was hi-fiving the runners in both directions! – the pickled cucumbers delicious, the t-shirt (technical) fabulous, the scenery delightful, the Gatorade flowed like water etc etc etc. If it was your birthday you got namechecked at the start, if you finished you got namechecked whenever you were born!
According to the Finnish Vegan Runners website (Google Translate, how I love you) there were three of them racing, – John spotted one (see photo) a bit ahead of me. As you can see, he was trying, and I was just clearly slacking off and having a good time…

This weekend Anna will (we hope) be doing the Ridgeway Challenge – 86 miles off-road. Hope to see you at the Mile 65 checkpoint at Sparsholt Firs, Anna, and GOOD LUCK!