Dave Competes in Brisbane Park Run!

Dave Competes in Brisbane Park Run!

d: Dave Arnold, one month into his tour of Australia & New Zealand discovers a Park Run (only 2 in the whole of Australia at present) in Brisbane where he is currently based. The logistics of it starting at 7am, a considerable distant away, no public transport or even a bike, Dave did not let that stop him and was considering sleeping in the park but found last minute accommodation.

Dave reports from down under immediate after the park run, 1 Oct:
Good afternoon…or good morning there!
Woooheee ……. very chuffed …just came 2nd in the Brisbane Parkrun race! Was leading all the way to the poorly marked turnaround, which I missed and ran up the ferry jetty (on Brisbane River) …. then off in another direction …wrong again….. then back to the turn around! Eventually got back to the new leader …. got back in front …got all excited about the prospect of a WIN …. didn’t quite have the kick in me to go with him from about 300m out (grrrrrr …damn ….. urrrrr…). Had I seen where we were in relation to the finish then maybe..????… but I’m not dwelling on it. (much!). But set a Parkrun PB..cracked that 20 mins …and just a bit short of season’s best. Had the customary post-run coffee (and caffine wobbles!) with some locals …and also the 3rd place lady..who’s from Southampton….small world! Thinks she’ll join Lordshill Road Runners on her return (sorry Denmead Striders, I did put in word for you !). And don’t think she qualified for Vegan Runners either.Was only their third race and I imagine it’ll grow quickly. The only other Parkrun in Aus is back down on the Gold Coast so I may not now get to do that one.

Didn’t end up camping out the night. 2nd Cousin Georgia drove me in (leaving at 5.30am!!) ..and dodging two kangeroos bounding across the road! My rellies did warn me that roos were out where they live and indeed they are! Early morning watering hole stop I guess!

Hope you all (well at least Emily and Isobel ) have good runs today at Hove …and whoever at whatever races are on Sunday! Let me know how you do!

Dave comments: Here’s the photos from today’s race..well the post race festivities… and a couple of Donna and I at play after the coffees! (may not actually have sent all through in this one email as files too big). Thanks again for a great event, and for the warmth and friendliness of you and the other ‘coffee-clubbers’!! As I said at the time it’s funny how there is the same friendly atmosphere with those I’ve met at the Hove Parkrun …but they sometimes make cakes! ( I think to celebrate people’s 50’s and 100’s …..or may just becaude they like it!)