Dave Arnold returns at the Sidcup 10 miles

The Sidcup 10 miles (13/2/11) saw Dave return to the fold since his aquathlon sprint or 30 minutes event last August, before that a 5K in May and the Sussex Beacon Half Marathon, a year ago today (21/2/10). With still a lot to offer apart from the PR & photography hopefully it is a good omen!

Dave thought the course maybe short according to his garmin (9.7 miles) and similar according to some other runners. For a runner short of race competition, Dave did well to finish in 1:06:48 and placed 73rd. We have Cherryl to thank for attracting Dave to make his welcome return. A local event for Cherryl in her marathon schedule and her first at the 10 miles distance, Cherryl finished in 1:28:56 and 293rd.

A course I ran myself back in the 1990s at my peak, not the most attractive on residential streets, on and off pavements and three laps.

Peter Simpson