Dartmoor Discovery

Cris Iles got in touch, saying
I noticed that there was a Vegan Finisher on my local Ultra – the Dartmoor  Discovery.  The club listed was Vegan Runners, I forget her name.  I only looked at the results to see how my friend did.  He won…by one second!
… I have nothing serious planned for a while – some short relays, mixed terrain and fun runs.  It’s a shame because I’m already ready to break my new 10k Pb, but there’s no suitable race nearby for a while.
(fast 10ks are like buses, there’s never one when you want one and then three all come along at once – Ed)
Peter checked the results following Cris Iles’ message, and found our runner was Karen

Horsler. For the 32 miles road event she completed it in 6.14.56, 109 / 118,
  Well done Karen!