Crazy racing Colin B

We hear from Colin Braybrook – who most of us will have seen only as a blur…

I had the pleasure of speaking to Keith Hammond before the start of London.  I also did Paris 2 weeks earlier in the slightly better time of 2:59:35. I am not sure 2 marathons in a fortnight is such a good idea [would a Ms A. Finn care to comment here? bwahahahahah – Ed], but at least I know I can do it.
PS It has been a crazy few months of races:
Watford Half 7 Feb     1:21:44
Surrey Spitfire 20   14/3/10   2:12:19
Orion 15                20/3/10 1:39:34  4th
Finchley 20            28/3/10 2:09:40
Paris Mara             11/4/10 2:59:35