Cransley Hospice 10K, near Kettering, 19/9/10

Report by Peter Simpson:

I have seen this event advertised for many years and finally got round to entering. Relying on public transport/bike, it was not going to be an easy ride. Started with the train to Northampton followed by about 20 miles of hilly riding via Wellingborough & Finedon. The venue is just on the northern side of A14. It was only in the last mile or so that I faced the wind and was relieved I did not have to tackle it earlier.

There was only half an hour to go to begin to recover, dry out and get ready! The start was some distance away in an area of restricted access. On my way I met another vegan who was interested in the club. Reaching the start area, it was already full up and difficult to move towards the front so decided to start further back for a change. It was very slow despite the recovery from the ride and slowly but surely began moving up the field. We were also running with the half marathon entrants. The first couple of kilometres were a lap of Cranford village and like running round a bowl with several hills. Leaving the village we were still climbing, making it feel like a tough course but it eventually evened out. I continued to move up the field and at about 6K the half marathon runners turned right and the 10K runners left towards the village but into the wind. Passing the few in sight proved harder but as we entered the village again for the last K it was nearly all downhill and ‘plain sailing’. The finish was on a field with a long path followed by a u-turn and uneven ground. It was a little disappointing to see 43 mins+ on the clock but to be expected given the congested start, hills and long cycle ride.

The cycle back was a lot harder but I had plenty of time on my side and took many rests.