City to Sea 53 ultra

Congratulations to Kevin Harris who completed his first 50 miler (and a bit) last weekend.

‘Completed my first 50+ ultra yesterday. The inaugral City to Sea 53 ultra in Devon. Very well organised by the charity Torbay Holiday Helpers Network with all profits going to the cause. Choice of 23 or 53 milers. Tough but beautiful coastline route and would recommend this for any ultra runners out there for next year, it can only get bigger and better. And made 2 different types of vegan flapjacks and peanut butter sandwiches just for me! Unfortunately it was sabotaged by people removing and altering signage in the second half, which added 4.5 miles to my run! The organisers did their best to resolve this during the race but the people went back and did it again! They are thinking of alternative ways of signing it next year. Although I had my vegan runners shirt on, the guy I’d been running with for about 25 miles turned round to me at the finish, read my shirt, had a look of amazement and exclaimed, “I’ve been running with a vegan!”‘

Kevin Harris City to Sea 53
Kevin Harris City to Sea medal