Chloe's Euro-Marathon Scene, 8/5/11

Chloe's Euro-Marathon Scene, 8/5/11

Ed: Chloe Vincent based in Germany since January continues to represent Vegan Runners (& UK).

The Ober-Elbe Marathon Dresden

So this years marathon number two done and dusted,..this is the first time I’ve gone in for consecutive marathons spaced just 6 weeks apart- I’m no Anna Finn and I just completed the second of 5 this year, the first being Rome at the end of March, this one was here in Dresden where I live and a brilliant little course. The only absolute A to B marathon I’ve run. We started out in Konigstein a beautiful little township surrounded by rock faces and right on the Elbe river, 42kms outside of Dresden in the direction of the Czech Republic. The route ran alongside the river almost the entire distance which gave stunning views and a pleasant much needed little breeze for much of the way. I love running such a course where literally every step gets you closer to home, its really good motivation!

It was a good run for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the route and the views and the small field – a thousand or so marathon runners, the support was good, better than in Rome! There might not have been as many people out to support but those who were there were really enthusiastic and encouraging, just about everyone I ran past clapped or smiled or commented! Plus there were two or three of those fabulous Brazilian drumming bands with a big powerful beat that really spurred me on. I didn’t feel that well trained, squeezing too many other factors into my life and not completing the schedule I’d planned out for myself, I think I only ran 4 times in the two weeks leading up to the marathon, adding to that the temperatures of the day which were quite nightmarish really, a 24 degrees clear sun filled sky, which was probably gorgeous for the spectators, maybe why they were all so happy and supportive, but hellish for me because the course was in the open almost the entire time, the shadow of the odd tree between 35 and 40kms was like a tiny momentary piece of heaven!! But i still managed to push out a good time that i was happy with (3.53.27) and all in all it was a good race, highly recommended for a Spring marathon, I think even categorised as one of the top ten European marathons!

This time and I know I’ve said this before,..but I’m going to be toeing the start line of my next marathon feeling completely trained and prepared! Its 6 weeks til my next one (Marathon de la Liberte in Caens France) and with about two weeks of that already taken up with other commitments (The Welsh 3000s challenge three weeks from now being one..) I’m going to have to train smart and hopefully pull out an improved time!

One thing I did get thinking about is running with a small team! I saw a couple of little groups who ran the whole way together and I’d have to say it looked like a nice idea! So if anyone is interested in making a small group to run a marathon together, let me know cos I’d like to give that a go too i think.

The photo attached is me just about to round the corner into the finishing stadium so about 200 meters from the end of the marathon,..always an amazing moment!!

Chloe Vincent.