Chiltern Chase – pick your races carefully

Did this one just as a training run-slash-outing. Was going to get up early & run to the start, had got my kit all ready & everything, but when the alarm went at 6:45 the downpour was quite impressive, and I decided to stay put under t’duvet. Seemed easier to overtake this year, possibly because

  1. lots of people had not turned up expecting it still to be raining, or
  2. if you start bang at the back then the people you’re overtaking aren’t going so fast

The two-bottle belt I was wearing was bloody heavy, but still managed to get round under the hour. Sat around for a bit after to see that another vegan (Sharon Davidson, who some of you may know) was first lady in the accompanying 5k. The prizes were baskets of honey, and yes, I’m afraid I did snigger at the look on her face. I suppose it depends on the sponsor but I imagine that a nice technical t-shirt with “Nth place  [race name & year]” would often go down a lot better… not that such matters are likely to be bothering me!