Chichester 10K UK Champs, 12/10/08

Dave Arnold writes:

I hadn’t actually planned to be around for this one, and at best thought I’d pop along and ghost it (run without a number), so like a fool didn’t take my VR vest! As it turned out I managed to get an entry on the day but had to run withouit VR vest…SORRY to let you all down! BUT, I wasn’t the only annonymous vegan there! Sid from Southampton (alternates loyalties between VR and his local club) was there (last year he was one of 5 VR’s that did it). But the big suprise was the ‘Vegan Warriors’ team, of Tom, Nicky and Pru making their debuts ….. no running vests but pro animal logo shirts! Althouigh they’re Portsmouth and Brighton based I’ve added all of them to the list as they were interested in more vegan running and we even floated ideas about doing a few popular races down on the coast where we could all meet up and those guys know where the post race food is!
Today we were really in luck as ‘Cliff Bar’ had their stall there giving away samples of their vegan bars and ‘shot blocs’ (like a jelly cube but bigger and vegan). Apparently their whole range is vegan!!…..We’ll have to find what other races they’re going to!! If you want more info on them you could contact David Smith their field marketing manager .

Although Chichester was again the UK champs (6 people going under 30 minutes!) it’s still a great event for the mere mortal competitor and I think that next year we should again make a point of having a VR meet-up at Chichester, or wherever the 10k champs happens to be. Anyone else up for it?

Hope you all had a good weekend doing whatever.

Dave Arnold